Welcome to the New School Year

                Welcome (back) to St. Basil Preschool!        

On September 14th, 2020 we will be starting a new school year! This year will not be like any other. We are navigating new and uncharted territory in the era of COVID-19. While many things are changing one thing will remain the same: whether you are new to our program or a continuing student, this new school year will be filled with enriching learning experiences geared towards expanding each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual growth.

Some of the new policies and routines you will notice this year are:

-No parent entry: (with the exception of first time students and during the first 2 weeks) Drop off will take place between 7:30 and 9:30 am at the front entrance. Children will be greeted at our front entrance with a daily health screen. Their temperature will be checked prior to entry. Temperatures of 100.4 and above are not permitted. Children showing obvious signs of illness will not be admitted. One parent for each new student will be allowed entrance. Face masks/shields/or other appropriate face covering must be worn by all adults at all time inside the facility.

-Social Distancing: Families must maintain distance while waiting to be checked in. Markers will be placed outside the facility for waiting in line.

– Sign in and Out Procedure: There will be a table at the front entrance with daily sign in/out sheets for each class. Children must be signed in each morning. Each class will have a file box with a labeled file for each child. Please use the provided gloves to look in the files for necessary paperwork or documents. On Thursdays and Fridays the file will contain your child’s completed art projects and activities.

-Pick Up: After signing out your child at the table outside the front entrance, please ring the doorbell for assistance. An available teacher or the director will bring your child to you.

-Combined 2’s and 3’s class: Due to decreased enrollment numbers, the 2’s and 3’s classes will combine in our 3’s classroom until further notice. The combined number of students will not exceed 10 children. Each class will have their own dedicated teacher and curriculum.

These policies are not ideal but they are necessary given the status of SJ County  on the Governor’s COVID-19 watch list. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

We are aware this might be your child’s first time away from the comforts of home and family. Our first goal is to ease the transition for not only your child, but for parents as well, especially in this trying year! That is why open communication is so important in our program, especially during the first weeks of school. Under normal circumstances we would encourage daily one on one interaction between the teachers, director, and parents. This year, teachers will communicate to families through the Class Dojo app. This app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. An email invitation to join will be sent to the email we have on file. Class Dojo allows parents and teachers to communicate directly. Teachers are able to send photos and updates.

Please remember: We are always available to answer questions or help with any issues that may arise.

It is VERY important if any of your information has changed recently that we have all the updated numbers and email addresses! We send out monthly email newsletters to all parents. A new Emergency card will be placed in your child’s school file for you to complete and return the first week of school.

If you would like to know about upcoming school events or stay up to date with classroom activities or calendars, check our website for more information.


If you have questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate! I will be available to talk to parents daily. Or if you prefer call the preschool office at 478-5252 or email me at director@stbasilpreschool.org

This school year might be full of uncertainty but we are here for you and your children. This will be a learning experience for all involved but our commitment to you is greater now than ever. Thank you for trust and patience as we all adjust to the new normal.